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    About us

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We are 13 organisms from 8 European countries, gathered to bring up the best in the next generation of thermoelectric materials.

We have industries, small enterprises, research centres with various expertise required for the success of the project :

  • Experts in thermoelectric generators for automotive heat recovery from Valeo (France)
  • Experts in thermoelectric generators for exhaust gas recirculation cooler, with Ricardo (United Kingdom) and heavy duty truck engine cooling with Titan X (Sweden)
  • Experts in industry heat waste from Elkem (Norway) and autonomous temperature control in industry with ArcelorMittal (Spain)
  • Nanostructured Material production by high energy ball milling with MBN Nanomateralia (Italy)
  • Silicon thermoelectric ring design and production with Hotblock On Board (France)
  • Cast silicon thermoelectric modules with strip-legs design and production with RGS Development (The Netherlands)
  • Half-Heusler cubic-legs design and production with Isabellenhütte (Germany)
  • Thermoelectric material customisation for thermal and electrical conductivity with Cidetec (Spain)
  • Thermoelectric generators prototyping line, as well as material shaping and tuning, and in-line process control with the POUDR'INNOV 2.0 Powder Metallurgy Platform at CEA Liten (France)
  • Sintering and off-line ageing and characterisation with Fraunhofer IKTS (Germany)
  • New material life cycle analysis and cost targeting with Efficient Innovation (France)



Project Coordinator

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 720878




CEA Liten

Tel: +33 4 3878 6617



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